It's Time for Peace to Reign
Thank you US veterans and families!photo by DVIDSHUB
"I couldn't adjust after I got back home. When I was in Iraq, we always had each others backs. They were my family, my strength. We faced hell together. I don't know who I am now without them."

Welcome and Thank You

to US Veterans and Families

Are you a veteran experiencing irrational fears, irritable bowels, nightmares, anger issues, grief, or any number of other issues and problems since returning home? Are you feeling fearful of your next deployment? Are you the spouse or partner of a veteran and want some relief from the stress?

If you are an active duty, reserve, discharged, or retired military person or are a spouse, child, parent, sibling, extended family member, or unmarried partner of a member of the armed forces of the United States, and are finding it difficult to secure mind/body services through official channels, then you are in the right place.

We offer a directory of practitioners who provide critical mind/body services to U.S. troops and their family members. Practitioners graciously donate one or more sessions free of charge to current and past members of US military families.

It's NOT welfare or a handout...

We know you're not the kind to accept handouts - you're used to giving and being active in your community. We honor that about you and encourage you to continue supporting worthy causes in your area.

We ask only that you donate equal time to your community for the services you receive. That may mean cleaning up your own neighborhood; getting involved with youth in your church or local YWCA; or maybe getting involved in community welfare efforts of various types. In other words - continuing to serve as your heart directed you before you enlisted or sent a loved-one off to war.

Those seeking services can search for a practitioner near them by selecting the "Practitioner Directory" link.

Practitioners seeking to donate some of their time and expertise to assisting military families please click the same link and then click the "Add Your Listing" on the top right side of the resulting page.